Plot Edit

Petra shrinks everyone in the land of aaa and freezes them and puts them on bases and sent in separate boxes to another dimension and you send them back.

Packs Edit


  • (vehicle) a drivable item in the game
  • (character) a playable character in the game
  • (weapon) a thing you use to take down enemies
  • (unlock able) levels that you can unlock if you put a character that comes in a level pack onto the way back to aaa

Starter pack

  • Frog boy (character)
  • stanley (character)
  • frog boys car (vehicle)
  • The way back to AAA (portal)
  • the game

Parry and barry team pack

  • Parry (character)
  • Barry (character)
  • Parry and Barry's drone (vehicle)
  • game buddy gum (weapon)

Cherry bomb level pack

  • Cherry bomb
  • Cherry bombs racing car (vehicle)
  • the bomb racing league tournament level (unlock able)

Game buddy Fun pack

  • Game buddy (character)
  • Controller (weapon)

The macling team pack

  • Minty (character)
  • cherry mailing (character)
  • the stove (vehicle/weapon)
  • the peanut gun (weapon)

The girl team 7 pack

  • pricilla froggy (character)
  • natalie toadstool (character)
  • melody froggington (character)
  • cosmic bomb (character)
  • magma bomb (character)
  • the make up draw (weapon)
  • pricilla's sports car (vehicle)

Ham bernie fun pack

  • Ham bernie (character)
  • burgermobile (vehicle)
  • French fry cannon (weapon)

Ghost pepper jack and turtle bomb team pack

  • Ghost pepper jack (character)
  • Turtle bomb (character)
  • the turtlecopter (vehicle)
  • the Nightmare motorcycle (vehicle)

The news reporters 3 pack

  • blueberry bomb (character)
  • gapple bomb (character)
  • lemon bomb (character)
  • the news van (vehicle)
  • the news microphone (weapon)