Frog boy: my land of aaa is an idea for a game exclusive to android and iOS

About Edit

An experiment goes wrong in smart turtles lab and the whole town explodes then everyone in the land of aaa disappears and you help Frog boy to rebuild the land of aaa.

Characters- buildings Edit

  1. Frog boy (starting character)
  2. Smart turtle (build smart turtles lab to unlock)
  3. Parry and barry (build parry and barry's backyard treehouse to unlock)
  4. Gummy (build gummy and cottons candy store to unlock)
  5. cotton (complete the the attack of the gummy bears quest to unlock)
  6. game buddy (build the video game arcade)
  7. Stanley (build the land of AAA observatory)
  8. mabel moo (build mabel moos milkshake bar)
  9. the MART (hambernie)
  10. Peppermint beaver (build peppermint beavers house)
  11. pricilla froggy (build pricillas house )
  12. chef peppa pizza (build pizza house)
  13. mayor patrick (build the town hall)

special charecters-buildingsEdit

  1. Petra and ant (build petras castle) costs 1000 game buddy soda
  2. world record zebra (costs 60 game buddy soda)
  3. roller skate arena roller skating frog boy (costume) (coats 290 game buddy sodas)
  4. Bruno (build the pet store) costs 100 game buddy sodas
  5. cherry bomb (bomb racing league HQ) (costs 350 game buddy sodas)
  6. pepermint yeti (150 game buddy sodas)
  7. Golden mayor Patrick statue (500 gem buddy sodas)