Playable characters Edit

Start of game characters Edit

  1. Frog boy
  2. Game buddy
  3. Parry
  4. Barry
  5. cherry bomb
  6. stanley
  7. ice bomb
  8. seedy
  9. caramel
  10. gummy
  11. cotton
  12. petra

Unlockable characters Edit

  1. Changeable color Frog boy (add on to frog boy)
  2. Changeable colour game buddy (add on to game buddy)

Grand prix cups Edit

The frog cup Edit

  1. The land of aaa town
  2. video game land
  3. the big blue
  4. yolky's room

The cherry cup Edit

  1. Candy land
  2. Digitopia
  3. The world of melodies
  4. theatre land

The smart cup Edit

  1. cookie crumble desert
  2. cooking world
  3. the forest of fast food
  4. ghost pepper jack's ghost house

The star cup Edit

  1. the life questions arena
  2. the land of aaa zoo
  3. Petra's castle
  4. the race through out of space