• This game will be every single frog boy episode in video game form

Levels Edit


  • (BOSS) their is a boss battle in the level
  • (minigame) their is a mini game in the level
  • (Big BOSS) their is a big and very long boss battle in the level
  • (minigame/BOSS) their is a mini game where you have to face a boss battle against
  • (split to parts) the level is split into a few parts
  • (Clock mini game) their is a timed mini game and if you fail you start the mini game all over again
  • (multiplayer mini game) their is a mini game playable with a friend
  • (more than one mini game) means their is one mini game in the level
  • (item) their is an item or two in the level
  • (character token) their is a character token in the level, whatever character it is you unlock the character

Season 1

  1. Welcome to the land of aaa (item) (character token)
  2. Best day ever (item) (character token)
  3. Game buddys movie heist
  4. the night of the living slimes ((BOSS)
  5. frog boys birthday (mini game)
  6. Frog boy and barry VS the closet (BOSS)
  7. Friends until the end
  8. the aporkalypse part 1
  9. the aporkalypse part 2 (mini game)
  10. the aporkalypse part 3 (mini game/BOSS)

Season 2

  1. The cheese obsessed guy
  2. the secret of wooly's bakery (BOSS)
  3. video game land (mini game/BOSS)
  4. stuck in candy land (mini game)
  5. frog boy finds love (BOSS)
  6. lights camera frog boy (BOSS)
  7. 20 game buddies under the big blue (BOSS)
  8. a black christmas (BOSS)
  9. Frog on skates (mini game/BOSS)
  10. race to cookie crumble desert (Big BOSS)

Season 3

  1. Welcome to the new land of aaa
  2. tackle the talking football (multi mini game)
  3. the terror of gummy and cottons candy store
  4. Time travel madness (split to parts)
  5. snowboard mania
  6. Working for money 
  7. Samurai of cards
  8. Parry And Barry's aquarium escape
  9. Detective frog boy
  10. Frog on a sundae 
  11. Return to candy land 
  12. Little frog boy
  13. 22 for parry
  14. Journey to the center of the internet 
  15. stanley's game
  16. Carnival of doom (Valentine's day special)
  17. Game buddy's story part 1
  18. Game buddy's story part 2 (BOSS)

Movie level

  1. Finding the idea
  2. the airport
  3. vegas
  4. vegas chase
  5. paris
  6. tokyo
  7. hawaii (BOSS)
  8. getting found by president
  9. back in the dome
  10. the bomb is ticking everyone
  11. Frog boy VS trunk (BOSS)

Season 4

  1. The wedding  
  2. Turtle on the road 
  3. Gift Quest
  4. Too many frog boys 
  5. Frog boy's childhood 
  6. Pricilla gets her dojo back  
  7. Ben the alien 
  8. lets get a food truck!
  9. ranger scout frog boy
  10. a BIG splash!
  11. galaxia's hole in one
  12. the brick of aaa (50th episode)
  13. Parry and barry's birthday bash
  14. ben and gelaxia
  15. boy's night (1)
  16. girl's night (2)
  17. Freaky frog boy 
  18. Stuck in candy land 3 :stanley and game buddy:
  19. 5 short tales
  20. it begins
  21. the big day (season finale)

Season 5 (final season)

  1. the sad sad tale of cosmic bomb
  2. welcome to the space bush
  3. o.p.o.r.a.t.i.o.n new bed's
  4. Cherry bomb VS the space race  
  5. box buddy
  6. Planet bottle
  7. stuck in candy land IN.....SPACE!
  8. plan 666
  9. Petra's rocket  
  10. attack on the space bush
  11. Frog boy and game buddy 
  12. planet frog star
  13. the aquatic planet
  14. The cosmic ice cave  
  15. Future frog boy 
  16. abducted
  17. Petra and frog boy
  18. one last day
  19. space odyssey
  20. goodbye to the land of aaa (Series Finale)

DLC Edit

  1. the secret identity of Priscilla froggy (30 levels) (£3.99/$5.99)
  2. parry and barry adventures (20 levels) (£3.99/$5.99)
  3. cherry bomb the movie level (£6.99/$8.99)
  4. frog boy the movie 2 level (£6.99/$8.99)
  5. Boss rush (timed mini game 500 secs) (£1.99/$3.99)
  6. clash of the elements (4 new characters, 4 new mounts, 1 whole new story mode) (£9.99/$10.99)

Bosses Edit

Season 1

  1. Night of the living slimes (slime monster)
  2. Frog boy and barry VS the closet (parry's old evil imaginary friend)
  3. the aporkalypse (petra, playing a game of life questions)

Season 2

  1. the secret of wooly's bakery (YDDUB EMAG)
  2. video game land (YDDUB EMAG and possessor, playing pac cheese)
  3. Frog boy finds love (petra, YDDUB EMAG, possessor, dark horse, shadow frog boy, and shape shifter)
  4. lights camera frog boy (shadow frog boy)
  5. 20 game buddies under the big blue (the 3 sharks)
  6. a black christmas (the elf in the black hat)
  7. frog on skates (petra,playing a skating competition
  8. the race to cookie crumble desert (the petranado)

items Edit

  • Comic (parry's comic book collection