season 5 will be the final season of frog boy it will have 20 episodes 

Episode list Edit

1. The sad sad tale of cosmic bomb

2. Welcome to the space Bush 

3. o.p.o.r.a.t.i.o.n New bed's

4.Petra's rocket 


6. planet bottle 

7. Trouble in candy planet 

8. wasp world

9. Cherry bomb VS the space race 

10. Attack on the space Bush 

11. frog boy and game buddy

12. prison break

13. ben jr

14. the cosmic ice cave

15. future frog boy

16. the shape shifter

17. abducted (1)

18. Petra and frog boy (2)

19. Space odyssey

20. Goodbye to the land of AAA (SERIES FINALE)

Trivia Edit

A few characters will DIE in this season.

More of the nuclear war will be revealed.

This season will have a lot more sad scenes then seasons 1/4.

The 2 final episodes space odyssey and goodbye to the land of aaa will each be at least a hour long.

A character will loose something that's important to them